Home Make Over Instuction on how to get your home ready for the For Sale sign.



Once you have cleaned up your home, had the furniture rearranged, picked up the clutter, etc. with the professional assistance of Lillian Wall and her staff, it is time to take more pictures.

Now the next comment I usually receive is "I CANNOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERNCE, IS THIS REALLY MY HOME, I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS A LONG TIME AGO?"The truth of the matter is that most of us live in our homes the way we are comfortable, which is not usually the image we want to portray when someone is looking at our home to purchase.

Here are some valuable tips on preparing for showings of your home:

1.  Always make your beds

2.  Always pick up clothes and towels off of the floor

3.  Straighten out the bedding and towels (we will show you how to do this)

4.  Make sure the patio and yard is cleaned and furniture is in order.

5.  Turn on lights, especially lamps, (they give a homey feeling) 

6.  Open drapes, blinds, curtains, etc to let the light in.

7.  Open French Doors or windows where necessary to let in fresh air

8.  Turn on the air conditioner in the summer and the heat in the winter

9.  Turn on the fireplace in the winter.

10. Move all pets; you can move them to the garage or take them for a walk or put them in crates for showings (this is very important, some people are allergic or not comfortable around dogs and/or cats.

11. Put on the radio, soft music, classical is suggested, I call this Home Buyers Music.

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